Getting High and In Crush


I’m as high as a radiowave and I feel my destiny rest on my shoulders. I feel my bones rest on my soul and I feel my soul hungry for Cheetos, Doritos, Tostitos and the whole “Itos” family. He comes in for the second week in a row. Light brown hair with light blue eyes, not the type of blue that…

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"When I’m around hot non-Asian people, I feel insecure about being Asian. When I’m around hot Asian people, I just feel insecure about being me. Progress?"


I met a boy a month into his freshman year when I just left my final year. He left me.  Months and years afterwards, I’d get a runaway message, maybe the moments when he’s overcome with regret, with guilt, and the moments we shared, maybe it’s the moment where he felt compelled to go more than a halfway kiss, more than a halfway love.

Like any moment, it passes by quickly but it repeats to the point where each singular moment blurs into itself, a thousand hours that all look the same, a million shapes that fit the same mold.  

It seems, maybe, that even halfway loves are just as potent for paralysis.

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and when he left, his words replayed itself, more than it ever did when he was there, I’m right here.  I’m right here.  I’m right here.

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Photo Set


Dean Stockwell in Long Day’s Journey Into Night (1962)

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"The loneliest moment in someones life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly."


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The loneliest moment in your life is when you eat by yourself in a busy cafeteria.  Nothing fell apart.  No one was made and remade.  You went into it willingly; no one there to eat a sandwich with you.  

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"I cannot believe in a God who wants to be praised all the time."

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Making a cool new friend


opening a pickle jar

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Dey gone for a reason… Might come back fuck up again I can’t risk that.

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